Gmail continuous reload in firefox 2

I had problem recently opening Gmail using firefox 2. It keeps on reloading. I found in one of the forum the problem might be the corrupted cookies. So this is what I do:

  • click Tools -> Clear Private Data
  • check “Cache” and “Cookies”
  • click OK

Then it was ok! I can open my Gmail 🙂


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  1. Many thanks, this info saved my day !

  2. This worked for me too. Thank you!

  3. Okay so it worked once and it was back to reloading again. Anyhow I believe I’ve figured it out. Although deleting the cookie will work, it will only be temporary. To ensure that it does work completely you must open the extension folder in the mozilla firefox folder that is in your program files folder. To be safe just select a particular extension and move the extension in a temporary folder on your desktop. Open firefox and check if the problem is eliminated. If it still exists, try removing another extension into a temp folder. Continue the process until you single out the extension causing the problem. Thought this might be helpful. Good luck. Oh, remember to delete only the extension that is causing the problem and place the other extensions back in the extension folder.

  4. I’m experiencing the same problem on Firefox 3. I cleared the cache and it worked once, and it’s back to reloading. If you choose “Basic HTML” view it stops reloading. It’s ugly but at least it works.

  5. Thank you so much Slade, this problem has been haunting me for some time now. It has prevented me from performing regular maintenance on my routers and from checking emails or even running certain network programs that are web based. Just a little more information, the extension that was causing my issue was the skype extension. Hope this helps anyone else having this issue and once again, thank you.

  6. Still redirecting …. hmmmmm

  7. I was having the same problem. Followed the steps suggested by kurniawano and restarted Firefox. When it started up again I got the “Installing updates to extensions” message. When I got back to Firefox, the problem was gone. I am assuming that the issue was an outdated extension and that once I updated the extensions, the issue was solved. Just a guess.

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