Changing Emacs Color Theme

To change Emacs color theme, first install emacs-goodies-el by typing
apt-get install emacs-goodies-el

To choose and try, run emacs and type
M-x color-theme-select

It will open a list of color theme. To use a certain color theme everytime emacs is started, create .emacs file in your home directory and type

;; Color theme
(require 'color-theme)
(setq color-theme-is-global t)

open your emacs again ๐Ÿ™‚


5 Responses

  1. Thanks! It’s lovely to find just that little missing piece of information so quickly.

    I’d like to add that to find out the name of the color theme to put into the .emacs file, just type “?” while over the appropriate line in the color-theme-select buffer.

  2. Thanks for the info.
    a small *bug*?
    when copying/pasting your code to .emacs, the apostrophe before ‘color-theme
    does not translate to the single quote that emacs require. if someone encounters a problem, try replacing the ” ` ” char with ” ‘ ”

  3. Cool. Thanks a ton ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite is ‘comidia’

  4. Thnks for the tip — it works!

    However, where can one see the list of color theme labels? I mean, doing M-x color-theme-select you see a list of the themes, but not their labels. I suppose color-theme-gnome2 in your example stands for “Gnome 2”, but how about the others?.

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