Converting Endnote *.enl to Bibtex

I used Endnote version 7 and 9 in my Phd study but now I switch to Bibtex since it is more general and is used with Latex. In revising my thesis, I need to convert my references in Endnote to Bibtex.

I installed Endnote version 9 using my School license. Actually I am running Linux, so I use CrossOver Linux to install it. I choose “unsupported application” and create new bottle with Windows 2000. I can open EndNote and my bibliography files.

I then export the bibliography to Endnote XML. And then I use bibconvert to convert from Endnote XML to Bibtex. It works fine. I then open by Bibtex file using Jabref.


2 Responses

  1. There is a simple webpage that does this translation too:

    You can freely convert from EndNote to bibtex.

  2. Thanks, helped me! bibconvert kicks ass!

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