Packages changes in Hardy causes error in starting Octave 3.0.0

After I upgrade to Hardy, suddenly my Octave couldn’t start. It reported that Octave couldn’t find certain libraries. After I check, the libraries provided by libsuitesparse in Gutsy was replaced by libsuitesparse-3.1.0 in Hardy. This makes Octave couldn’t find the file it used to link.

So I fixed this manually by creating new symbolic link. In my Octave 3.0.0 it is looking for lib”xxx”.so.1, so this is what I do to create the link to

sudo ln -s ./

I need to do this for several other libraries. Moreover, my libhdf5-serial package was somehow uninstalled and I need to reinstall it using Adept. This is also happens to my libg2c0-dev package.

after reinstalling and fixing the missing libraries, my octave runs again 🙂


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