Kmail can put signature above reply quotes

I upgraded my OS to Kubuntu Hardy last april, and now I noticed that Kmail can put signature above reply quotes.

To do this, open Kmail/Kontact, and click:

“Setting”->”Configure Kmail”

click on “Composer” on the left menu, and you will see option “Insert signatures above quoted text”. check this option.

Kmail Composer Option to put Signature above quoted text

And you can put your signature in Kmail by choosing “Identities” on the left menu, and click “modify” button on the right.

click “enable Signature” and you can type in your signature there. Pretty easy!


3 Responses

  1. Many email client can be or are by default set to strip everything after
    the dash-dash-space sig. separator. Anyone using one of those clients
    will not see any of your quoted material if you place your sig above it.

    Please accept that the standards are there for a reason – to make email easier to read & replay to. Having what is essentially an advertisement for someone at the top of a message is very much at odds with that ideal.

  2. Thank you. This saves me some time of searching.

    Bao Nguyen

  3. I have done this and what i end up with is yes my signature and my reply are both above the quoted text. How ever I cannot seem to find anyplace to say PLACE my reply above my signature. my cursor shows up below my signature.

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