Installing Adobe Reader Security Update 1 in Ubuntu/Kubuntu

  1. Go to this Adobe website or google it.
  2. Select “Linux” operating system,
  3. and then select “Linux-x86 (.deb)” for the installer
  4. and select the language. You will be directed to the download page. Save to desktop
  5. After download Open Dolphin (KDE) and go to Home directory. Right click your “desktop” folder and choose “Actions”->”Open As Root”.
  6. And then on the .deb file, right click and “Actions”->”Open with GDebi Package installer”.
  7. Click install. done!


It turns out that since I have installed previous version of Adobe, I need to set the “File Association” so that I can open PDF from KDE. To do this, go to “System Setting”-> “Default Applications”->”File Association”.

type in “pdf”, and on the “Application Prefered Order” on the right, click Adobe Reader 8, and “Edit”.

Go to the tab “applications” and under “command” type in “acroread” or the exact location of the new pdf file. If you install as mentioned above, the installation will create a symbolic link in /usr/bin. So you just need to type “acroread”.


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  1. You really did your homework on that one!

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