Installing IT++ in Linux

I am currently trying to use IT++ in Kubuntu 8.04. Download the source from
unzip the archive, and cd into the directory. Then do as usual: ./configure, make, make check, make install. But when I did a make check, 2 tests failed. It is documented in the FAQ #1. So I need to run configure as

./configure –prefix=$HOME/local F77=gfortran

this is to use gfortran instead of g77 (which was detected during configure). After this, the make and make check run perfectly.

To link your code you can use pkg-config as follows:
g++ `pkg-config --cflags itpp` -o ex1 ex1.cpp `pkg-config --libs itpp`
where ex1.cpp is your code.
However, in order to pkg-config to find the necessary information, you need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the folder where it contains the .pc files. You can find this file in the folder where you extract the source code.

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$(HOME)/Download/NumericalComputation/itpp-4.0.6


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  1. interesting that a c++ library needs to use Fortran77 to do the heavy lifting – proper math’s is obvoisly bit hard to the OO fanatics to get there purty little heads round.

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