Using Eclipse with Subversion

For a detail instruction to install the plugin in Eclipse which enable Subversion, go to:

There are some differences with the version which I am using in Kubuntu. So I will list down again briefly.
1. Open Eclipse, click menu “Help->Software Updates->Find and Install”
2. click the option, “Search for new features to install”, and then “Next” button.
3. Click the button “New remote sites”, enter “Subclipse” in the name, and “” in the URL. Then click “Finish” button.
4. Then it will run some update and show the components to install. Check “Subclipse” or other name which you have put. If it gives some error due to dependencies, uncheck those components which causes this error. Then click “Next” button.
5. After this, accept the License agreement and Next.
6. It will show some other options, but you can click Next and leave to default, and finally Click Finish button.
7. Those steps will install Subclipse plugin. After installation it will ask to restart Eclipse.


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