Setup Skype mic on Kubuntu 8.10 intrepid

I finally managed to set up skype on Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE 4.2 RC1. I installed Skype from its website which asked me to download the .deb file. I install using right click and “install using GDebi package installer”.

The problem I had was that I couldn record my voice. When I made a test call, my voice is not recorded. I managed to solve this problem by clicking the “volume” icon in tray, and choose Mixer.

From there, I display “Digital Input Source” from the Settings->Configure Channel.

And then I changed to “Digital Mic 1″. Now I can make a test call!


3 Responses

  1. Since I have installed Kubuntu 8.10 I have sound but no mic working. Tried your idea – still no mic. I have HDA intel card on my Dell 1525 inspiron laptop. Thanks if anyone can help.

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  3. Thanks mate after searching for how this could be done for over a decade (ok since i moved to kubuntu 9.04) google brought me to your blog i tried it and it worked like a charm .. thanks very much

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