Finite Square Potential Well

wrote a simple script to compute eigenvalues of a finite square potential well. Download at this page


Setting number of threads using OpenMP

We can set either in the code or through environment variable. If we use environtment variable, we simply type

$ setenv OMP_NUM_THREADS 6

where 6 is the number of cpus we want to use.

Custom Header/footer in Latex

Use “fancyhdr” package in latex to flexibly design your header and footer. Read the manual at:

Nice bibliographic tool for researchers

I found Zotero as a nice and easy to use bibliographic tool, it is integrated with firefox browser, and runs in a browser. To add a bibliographic, you simply click the icon at the address bar. Easy to use.

Non-equilibrium Green’s Function (NEGF) Calculation for Optical Absorption

Below is the slide on the calculation of inter-subband optical transition using NEGF.

and the paper can be found here: