Uploading a folder to sourceforge project website

from the sourceforge docs:

Project Web use

rsync over SSH is a supported file transfer method for our Project web.

Configuration details for Project web uploads:

* Hostname: web.sourceforge.net
* Path: htdocs/
* Username: Combine your SourceForge.net Username with your SourceForge.net project UNIX name using a comma ( “,” )
* Password: Your SourceForge.net Password

An example session might look like the following for user “jsmith” uploading a file for his project with a UNIX name of “fooproject”:

[jsmith@linux ~]# rsync -avP -e ssh FILE jsmith,fooproject@web.sourceforge.net:htdocs/
jsmith@frs.sourceforge.net's password:
building file list ...
1 file to consider
    15000000 100%   34.13kB/s    0:07:08 (xfer#1, to-check=0/1)
sent 15001925 bytes  received 42 bytes  29560.53 bytes/sec
total size is 15000000  speedup is 1.00

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