SOPRA Database format

This is the format of SOPRA database provided by FreeSnell manual.
The first number indicates the spectral unit (1 = eV, 2 = um, 3= 1/cm, 4 = nm). The second and the third numbers indicate the spectral range and the fourth one the number of intervals. The N and K values are then stored in the order N,K,N,K…; each value may be followed by a semicolon, whitespace, or both.


1             .6            6.6           120
 1.064         14.4
 .987875       13.155
 .844          12.2
 .672625       11.445
 .514          10.8
 .438563       10.11437
 .396          9.48

this means that the unit is eV (first number is 1), from 0.6 eV to 6.6 eV with 120 number of data points. The next line onwards gives the value of n and k.


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