Installing Octave 3.2.3 in Kubuntu Hardy

Octave has released a major version 3.2 and now the latest bug fix release is 3.2.3. I decided to install it. What I did was to download the tarball from and then unzip it. After that, I run the configure:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/Programs/Octave-3.2.3

where the prefix defines the location where to install the new version of octave. I got some warning on the graphics library since Octave 3.2 uses a different graphics library.

configure: WARNING: qrupdate not found. The QR & Cholesky updating functions will be slow.
configure: WARNING: GraphicsMagick++ config script not found. Assuming GraphicsMagic++ library and header files are missing, so imread will not be fully functional
configure: WARNING: "FTGL headers not found. Native renderer will not have on-screen text"
configure: WARNING: "FLTK config script not found. Native graphics will be disabled."
configure: WARNING:
configure: WARNING: I didn't find the necessary libraries to compile native
configure: WARNING: graphics. It isn't necessary to have native graphics
configure: WARNING: but you will have to use gnuplot or you won't be able
configure: WARNING: to use any of Octave's plotting commands
configure: WARNING:

To solve this problem, I run Adept package manager and install the following:


And I also download qrupdate library from this page. Hardy does not provide this package, but it can be found in Karmic. To install this, edit the Makeconf file according to your system. In my case I just edit the PREFIX part to where I want to install it. After that type "make lib" for creating static library, and "make solib" for dynamic library. To install, type "make install". For more info, you can type "make help"

To make sure Octave can find the qrupdate library, you might have to add LDFLAGS into the ./configure command:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/Programs/Octave-3.2.3 LDFLAGS='-L/home/kurniawano/local/lib'

After everything seems ok, type "make" and "make install"


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