Meep resolution

I had difficulty in setting up geometry and resolution when using Meep. Well, this is what I can understand at the moment.

  1. Choose a default unit, for example if your geometries are in multiple of 10nm, then set a=10 nm.
  2. Then set up your lattice and geometries based on this default unit. For example if you want to set up 40 nm x 40 nm, then simply set as 4 x 4.
  3. Decide on the resolution. This is a rather tricky part. The resolution determines the number of pixels per unit length. It was suggested that we should have several pixel (at least 8 ) on a wavelength.  For example, if your wavelength is 600 nm, then one pixel must be about 600 nm / 10 = 60 nm (if we assume to have 10 pixel per wavelength).  Now if your unit length is 10 nm, it means you have 0.16 pixel per unit length. So the resolution is 0.16. Note that the default resolution is 10. This means that if we use the default, we will have 10 pixel per 10 nm. This is the same as saying that one pixel is about 1 nm. And So for one wavelength 600 nm, we have about 600 pixel which is more than enough.

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