Zotero styles for Springer Plasmonics Journal

I have just created zotero’s style for Springer Plasmonics Journal. You can download the csl file from:

To install to your zotero: download the csl file, and drag the csl file to Firefox.
UPDATE: I have modified and fixed the style as Adam suggested.


4 Responses

  1. hey – cool, you managed to do this yourself!

    would you post this to the Zotero forum, too? I’d assume it’d be OK if this also goes up to the style repository?
    Also, the style doesn’t validate –
    in L25 should be “capitalize-first” (misspelled)

    As a convention, remove the (Dev) after the title – it gets added by the Zotero repository. Another convention – since you based this on an existing style, it’s common practice to leave the original author and contributor in the style and just add your name.

  2. Hi adam,
    thanks for the suggestion, I will fix it and upload it. Can you let me know how to upload ? and which forum should I put it? or just create a new one?

  3. uploading is a bit complicated – unless you’re curious I can do that for you.
    Just post this to the “Citation Styles” Section of the Zotero Forum – you can just add it to your old post requesting the style, actually.

  4. I have fixed and uploaded the new file on the same link as above. I also posted this to the Citation styles forum. Hope it’s useful.

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