Writing compatible math equation in OpenOffice and Microsoft Office

Unfortunately, OpenOffice math equation is still not compatible fully with Microsoft Office. This makes things difficult. A solution that uses macro has been posted here:

TIP : How to convert equations from Openoffice to MS-Word

for me, the best way is to generate images and include it in the file. I normally use Latex, so I found this tools is very convenient:



Matlab/Octave code to compute centroid of 2d triangular element

It’s a simple code that I use. Sometimes I need to compute the centroid position of a finite element 2D triangle. You can download the code here:


Higher file compression using lzma

I found out that lzma program in linux has a smaller compression size compared to gzip and bzip2. However, the price is compression/decompression time which is longer than gzip and bzip2. For fast compression, gzip is the choice. To run lzma,

$ lzma myfile.tar

and this will change myfile.tar to myfile.tar.lzma

Installing revtex style .sty in Linux Ubuntu

I followed the step in: http://blog.irrepupavel.com/2007/02/installing-latex-style-files-sty-on.html

  1. I unzip the package revtex4.1.zip
  2. And copy the directories one by one to /usr/share/texmf-texlive/, e.g. sudo cp -r source /usr/share/texmf-texlive/
  3. then type: sudo mktexlsr

Disable emacs splash screen when start up


(setq inhibit-splash-screen t)
to your .emacs file.

set emacs window size

in emacs, the window is called frame, to set the size everytime it starts up, edit the .emacs file in your home directory, and add

(set-frame-size (selected-frame) 60 35);

where 60 is number of columns, and 35 is the number of rows.

My essential Firefox add-ons

I am in the process of reinstalling the software after the company upgraded my desktop to intel quad processors. These are the list of firefox add-ons that I instantly installed back:

  1. Download Statusbar: to move the download status window to the bottom bar.
  2. XMarks: bookmark, password and tab synchronization.
  3. Zotero: my favorite bibliography tool for research.
  4. Foxtab: my latest favorite add-on for 3D tab switching.

google them if you want to try.