Installing python, numpy, and scipy in non-standard directory

1. Download all the source codes.
2. Untar the Python 2.6.5 source code

$ tar xzvf Python.2.6.5.tar.gz

3. type

$ ./configure --prefix=
$ make
$ make install

4. Set path to the non standard directory

$ export PATH=/bin:$PATH

5. untar numpyXXX.tar.gz
6. type

$ python build --fcompiler=gnu95
$ python install --prefix=

the compiler setting tell the installer to use gfortran, read INSTALL.txt for more detail.
7. When building scipy, I need to disable UMFPACK, otherwise it gave me error from swig : “Unable to find umfpack.h”. To do this type

$export UMFPACK = "None"

8. then do the same as with numpy:

$ python build --fcompiler=gnu95
$ python install --prefix=

To run the testing, we will need to install Nose. I did try to run, and it works find. I had to add “import nose” and fix some indentation. But the result of the test is “OK”.


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