Installing SimForge 0.9

1. Download using subversion:

$ svn co simforge-0.9

2. Create local copies of setting files:

$ cd simforge-0.9
$ cp .classpath.template .classpath
$ cp settings.xml.template .settings.xml
$ cp .simforge/properties.template .simforge/properties

3. Run eclipse with JDT
4. click File|Import
5. Expand the “General” node and click on “Existing Projects into Workspace”.
6. Choose simforge-0.9 as the root directory and click finish.
7. Select the project name, and then click on Project|Properties.
8. Select the “Java Build Path” and click on the “Libraries” tab.
9. Select “htmlconverter.jar”, click on edit, and browse to the /lib directory of your Java 6 JDK installation. Do the same with “jconsole.jar” and “tools.jar”. In order to find the directory in Linux, type “locate htmlconverter.jar”. In my ubuntu 10.04, it is located at /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/lib/
10. Click on Project|Clean.
11. Click on Project|Build.
12. open the “SimForge” node, open the “(default package)” node, right-click on the main class, then select “Run As” “Java Application”.

Check this link on building a stand-alone application.


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