OpenModelica simulate() options

Modelica is a nice language, unfortunately, the documentation is still lacking a lot of details. For example, there is not much description on the options in the simulate() command.  We can find the following options:

  • numberOfIntervals
  • outputInterval
  • method
  • tolerance
  • fixedStepSize.

I found one reply to this from the forum describing the options:

  • outputInterval and fixedStepSize do not exist in OpenModelica
  • numberOfIntervals changes the step size (why it’s not called stepSize, I do not know). anyway, step size ~ (stopTime-startTime)/numberOfIntervals
  • tolerance is used in dassl (it knows how large an error there is from integrating a derivative); I’m unsure if it’s used when solving non-linear systems or the like
  • method = “euler” “rungekutta” “dassl” “dassl2” “inline-euler” or “inline-rungekutta” (default dassl). Newer omc versions give an error if it finds that you select an unsupported solver.

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