Client-server communication with OpenModelica using CORBA

I tried to communicate with OpenModelica using OmniORB implementation of CORBA. First I need to download several packages:

  1. OpenModelica 1.5.0 from NOTE: Install to directory without space, avoid install at “Program Files” since it contains space, the reason is that MinGW has trouble recognizing path with space.
  2. Python 2.5
  3. python2.5-omniORBpy_3.3-win32 from
  4. omniORB-4.1.3, choose “vs7” version.

We need to edit some of the environment variables:

  1. set PYTHONPATH=%PYTHONPATH%; <your omniORBpy root>\lib\python; <your omniORBpy root>\lib\x86_win32; < your python_2.5-omniORBPy_3.3-win32 >\
  2. set PATH=%PATH%; < your python 2.5 directory >; < your omniORB-4.1.3 directory >\bin\x86_win32 ;<your omniORBpy root>\bin\x86_win32;

Once this is set, we can run the python script inside python_2.5-omniORBPy_3.3-win32 directoroy by typing:


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