Fixing touchpad error (running wild) after upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10

I finally managed to fix my Dell laptop’s touchpad after upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10. The mouse went crazy and start to run all over and open windows here and there. hehehe. After trying several solutions, I got it fixed, by enabling the SHMConfig, following this link.

The step is to edit this file:

sudo vi /etc/hal/fdi/policy/shmconfig.fdi

In my case it turns out it has come content already. which is something like this:


All I need to do is to replace the word “True” to “on” following the link above. That seems to solve my problem. If it gets crazy again. I will update this post.

UPDATE: I also disabled the scrolling from “Preferences”->”Mouse”->”Touchpad”, and disabled touchpad when typing. I don’t know whether it affects or not :p