Fixed watching flash video in ubuntu 10.10

I had difficulty watching Emmaus video lately, and also video in facebook. It shows only white region and nothing else. Strangely, I can watch youtube as usual. Then I checked my flash whether it’s working. The page from adobe shows I have flash installed. After much searching I suspect that it is because ubuntu use gnash for its flash, and not adobe’s version. I checked I have installed adobe flash, so the next thing I did was to use Adobe’s flash instead of gnash one. To do that, I went to terminal and check the update-alternatives version.

cd /etc/alternatives
ls *flash*

It shows The following files:


So now I run update-alternatives:

sudo update-alternatives --config firefox-flashplugin

And then I chose the adobe version as the default plugin. I did that with the others, but I am not sure whether it is needed. But now it works, I can watch the flash video again


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