OpenModelica 1.6.0 now works for small time step

Open Modelica 1.6.0 has released a fix for the small time step problem. Revision no 5424 now fixed the issue. You can download it from:

For the thread discussion on the issue, click here.


How to open terminal from Nautilus

Sometimes it is needed to open a terminal after you are browsing file from GUI (nautilus).  To do that, you can install nautilus-open-terminal : terminal quick launch | Ubuntu Tutorials.  Follow the instruction there, log out, and next time when you want to open the terminal, simply right click on that folder, and “Open Terminal”. Nice.

Observations: In praise of scientific error

Observations: In praise of scientific error.

OpenModelica 1.6.0 problem for very small time step

I encountered problem when using OpenModelica 1.6.0 for my current project which uses a very small time step. It turns out due to initialization issue. It is discussed in this forum: OpenModelica Usage and Applications.

Adding Google Analytics to Google Sites

Follow the instruction on this page.

Google Sites – Adding Google Analytics – – Google Sites & Apps Help.

Dec 14: OpenModelica 1.6 Release

OpenModelica just released version 1.6.0. This includes a graphical editor built using Qt. For more info on the release, follow: Dec 14: OpenModelica 1.6 Release.

Pitogo’s Geekiest » Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and Thunderbird Lightning

I had problem with my office Thunderbird. After I did some update, then my calendar is gone since the lightning add-on is not compatible. I found the solution by following this link:

Pitogo’s Geekiest » Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and Thunderbird Lightning.