Firefox 4 Cannot Login to Gmail

After I installed Firefox 4 on Windows, I can’t seem to login to gmail or any google account. The login page kept on being displayed. After I searched the internet, it was suggested to clear the cache and the browsing history.



Online Application to Capture Video Desktop Screen

In the past I used Screentoaster to capture video of my desktop. Unfortunately, they closed down. I look around and found another replacement which is pretty nice:

Online sticky notes for collaboration

In one of my course today, I just found out about wallwisher. I find it interesting and can be used for my teaching to get feedback and notes from peoples.

Fixing Slow Internet on Mac X

Somehow I found that the internet when using my wife’s mac is getting slower. After months of reluctance in using Mac, I decided to do a little bit of google. It turns out it is a common problem in Mac. The following two posts seems to solve my problem. What I need to do is to add in some DNS address on the Network preferences.