Android Emulator is not running

I tried to download and play around with Android SDK. So I followed the steps given in this link. It worked fine, then I tried to do the Hello World tutorial. However, when I clicked run->run, nothing happens.

It turns out that the emulator is not running. When I tried to run the emulator from Eclipse, by clicking Window->Android SDK and AVD manager, and create a new virtual device, and click “start”, it gives an error that says: emulator: ERROR: unknown virtual device name:’my_avd’

After I google the internet, I found out that the solution is to set the path to the Android SDK home. The reason is that sometimes the emulator is looking for a profile directory at a different location. So I set my environment variable ANDROID_SDK_HOME to the .android folder in my drive. And it all sets. The solution is given also in this link.


Bring Science Home

Scientific American is feature some home science activities. I want to try it!