Running CloverETL graph from command line

A more detail explanation can be found on this page. I will try to list down what I did for version 3.1.2 under Windows platform.

  1. Download the Note, you can also download the examples to try it out.
  2. Extract the file into another folder, e.g. cloverETL. Similarly, extract the examples zip file and put it under the same folder.
  3. Before you run cloverETL graphs, you will need Java (download separately), and the clover.bat script which is provided under the bin directory.
  4. Add the bin folder to your environment path.
  5. Open a command prompt and go to the examples folder. Enter one of the folder such as CTL1FunctionsTutorial. You will see the file “workspace.prm”.
  6. run clover.bat script from this folder, e.g. type: <code><verbatim>$>clover graph\containerCopy.grf</verbatim></code>