Drawing world for “soar” simulator

We are currently using “soar” simulator from MIT to teach programming SOPH303 Digital World. In that simulator, we first need to load the so called world. The world is basically a python file. An example for boundaryWorld.py is shown in the figure below.


The lines of code to create the world is shown here:

initialRobotLoc(2, 3)

The first line sets the dimension of the world in meters (x dim, ydim). The wall function set up a straight line wall from two points (x1,y1) to (x2,y2). The initialRobotLoc function places the robot at the position (x,y) in the world. The initialRobotLoc function can accept the third parameter, which is the angle in radians with respect to the horizontal x axis. So if you want the robot to point north,


That’s it.


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