Replacing Serial with Wireless Connection using WiBox

We have a python library used in our course that connect using serial connection to Amigobot. But we found out that using serial cable is very troublesome and the connection can be easily loose. So we decided to use WiBox to connect using wireless and with no change at all for our python library.

The steps below describes how to setup the WiBox for ad-hoc connection:

  1. Connect serial cable from your computer to Port 1 of WiBox.
  2. Hold down ‘x’ key in your keyboard, and plugin in the power cable. This will start WiBox in Setup mode.
  3. Press “Enter” to go to Setup mode.
  4. There are 3 things to setup: Server, WLAN, and Channel
  5. Press 0 to setup Server.
  6. Press 1 for “Wireless Only”
  7. Now it will ask for the IP address for this WiBox. Key in the IP address, e.g.
  8. Set Gateway IP Address (N)? N
  9. Netmask: 0
  10. Set DNS Server IP addr <N> ? N
  11. Change Telnet Configuration Password (N)? N
  12. Once it is done, we can set the WLAN by pressing 4.

  13. Topology? 1 = AdHoc
  14. Network name (SSID) (LTRX_IBSS)? LTRX_IBSS
  15. Channel (11)? (press Enter)
  16. Security ? 0= none
  17. Minimum Tx Data Rate? 1Mbps
  18. Max TX Fails? 64
  19. Upon completing Server and WLAN setting, select 9 to save and exit.

We need to do the same for the other WiBox, but enter a different IP address.

Channel configuration is needed to setup the serial port connection in WiBox:

  1. Enter the setup mode by holding down ‘x’ key and turn on the power of WiBox.
  2. Press 1 to setup Channel 1
  3. Baudrate? 9600
  4. I/F (interface) mode? 4C (This is for RS-232, 8N1)
  5. Flow control? 00 (no flow control)
  6. Port Number (10001)? 10001
  7. Connect Mode (C0)? C1 (always accept incoming connection, response is quiet, start with any character)
  8. Send ‘+++’ in Modem Mode (Y)? Y
  9. Show IP addr after ‘Ring’ <Y>? N
  10. Auto increment source port (N)? N
  11. Remote IP Address: (Enter the IP address of the other WiBox)
  12. Remote port: (Enter the port number of the other WiBox)
  13. DisConnMode (00)? 00 (default)
  14. Flush Mode (00)? 00 (default)
  15. DisConnTime (00:00)? (default)
  16. SendChar 1 (00)? 00
  17. SendChar 2 (00)? 00

And we have to setup the other WiBox with the same setting, except for the IP address and port number.


2 Responses

  1. I have been having nothing but problems with out lantronix wibox. Every time I hit return the remote system returns a bad command. It also reprints everything I typed so it is on the screen twice.

    I will go out to the location and grab it tomorrow so I can troubleshoot it further. I’m sure it’s a setup related problem.

  2. After configuring the wibox.. how can I use mobileEyes or MobileSim or aria remotely ?

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