Fixing box error sync problem for package files in Mac OS X

I have been using Box Sync with Mac OS X for quite some time and recently I encountered some issues with syncing. I began to use some software like Scrivener and Omnigrafle that save the files as package files (which is a folder). However, Box Sync currently does not support this. The error message is shown in the figure below.


The website suggested to save the file either as flat file or compressed zip file. Omnigraflle supports flat file saving, but scrivener still gives an issue. And zipping the files everytime I finish using scrivener is not something I want to do. So resolve to the following steps.

  1. write a small script to zip the file (or folder?).
  2. Use Lingon 3 from Mac App store to schedule running the script periodically.

The package files still cannot sync with, but now the zip file sync. So you can always unzip it to restore it somewhere else.


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