Compiling C++ code with MPI for parallel processing

#include "mpi.h"
int main(int argc,char** argv)

then compile with

to run it, use
mpirun -np 4 ./a.out
for using 4 copies in 4 processors.


How to remote login to Linux using Vista ssh

Ahh! I finally found a free solution to do remote login and display the X graphics to my windows vista. I need to run a software from outside the campus. So I need to VPN. I am trying to VPN using Kubuntu but so far failed! So sad, but life goes not. So I installed the VPN setting from my university website, and I can VPN. But now the problem is that I need to run a software that display the X graphic to my Vista.

In the campus, I use Linux (since I don’t need to vpn). Or if I use windows, the university provides Exceed. But it’s not free.

Well, I know that the other alternative is to install Cygwin. But somehow when I tried to find the free software, I found this XWinLogon. Much easier, and suits my needs. It is actually based on Cygwin.

Just download the software and install from the .exe file. The website said that we shouldn’t have any cygwin installation before.

So now I can ssh, and then display the Gnome desktop in my Linux server. To start with Gnome, you will need to put “gnome-session” at the command during the setup.

You can also save the configuration into a BAT file, and then simply clicking the file will bring you to the remote login.