Solving Firefox crash/hang with Flash plugin

It has been several weeks that I disabled flash plugin because it crashes my firefox. I have updated my firefox to version 14, and my flash plugin to the latest one. It does not help. The only workable solution that I found was to disable the protected mode of Adobe Flash. After I did that, flash no longer hangs/crash my firefox. This is how to do it:

  1. Edit mms.cfg file. For my case it is located at: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash
  2. Then, add this line: ProtectedMode=0
  3. Save, and restart firefox.

The more detailed troubleshooting is given here:


Firefox 4 Cannot Login to Gmail

After I installed Firefox 4 on Windows, I can’t seem to login to gmail or any google account. The login page kept on being displayed. After I searched the internet, it was suggested to clear the cache and the browsing history.


My essential Firefox add-ons

I am in the process of reinstalling the software after the company upgraded my desktop to intel quad processors. These are the list of firefox add-ons that I instantly installed back:

  1. Download Statusbar: to move the download status window to the bottom bar.
  2. XMarks: bookmark, password and tab synchronization.
  3. Zotero: my favorite bibliography tool for research.
  4. Foxtab: my latest favorite add-on for 3D tab switching.

google them if you want to try.

Fixing flash and java plugin for Firefox 3.6.2 in Kubuntu Hardy

I just installed firefox 3.6.2 from the ubuntu repository for Hardy. But it turns out that my flash is not working. When I go to Tools->Add-Ons, I noticed that the flash is disabled and the java plugin is no more. So I enabled the flash plugin (version 9) and it works. Now for the java plugin, I followed the instruction given in:

Basically what I did was to remove the plugins from both :

  • /usr/lib/firefox/plugins and
  • /usr/lib/firefox-3.6.2pre/plugins

And then create a symbolic link at these two locations that points to:




This solves my problem.

Error in starting firefox: no XBL binding

Somehow after I upgrade my firefox to 3.0.9 in Kubuntu 8.04, I couldn’t run it, it gives an error message “no XBL binding” and then another error message and then it closes down. Then after searching the forum, the solution is simply to kill the firefox. So it seems the firefox still runs at the back and this causes problem.
do a “ps aux | grep ‘firefox’ ” and find the PID, then after that kill the program. This solves my problem.

Firefox bookmarks gone after running firefox as root

As the title mentioned, my bookmarks gone when I tried to run my firefox as root.

To solve this problem, close firefox and type
cd ~/.mozilla
chown -R *
chgrp -R *

when you open them again, it will be fine.

Switch Java plugin for Firefox 3 in Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid

After I upgraded to Kubuntu Intrepid, the default of my Java plugin switch back to IcedTea. However, that made me unable to access one of my bank website. So I need to switch to Sun Java. To do that, I did similary as previously, though this time I use Firefox 3.03:

However, somehow after I restart my firefox and click add-on, the IcedTea plugin is still there. So I disabled, restart, enable the Sun Java, and restart. After that I can login to my internet bank website.