Upgrading from Kubuntu Gutsy (7.10) to Hardy (8.04)

I just upgrades my workstation and my laptop from Kubuntu gutsy to Hardy.

When I upgraded my workstation, I chose to keep the setting for my xorg.conf. The result was quite bad. The reason was that Hardy’s installation disabled restricted drivers by default. And I use ATI restricted driver for my X setting. So it crashes when it tries to load the X server after the installation finish.

To overcome this problem, I need to login using terminal, and type
$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

this restore the xorg.conf using the default value instead of using ATI drivers. After I reboot, I can login to my Desktop.

For my laptop, I got error when I tried to install using the alternate CD. The reason was that I previously install ubuntu-desktop package. Somehow it requires me to uninstall them before I upgrade to Kubuntu Hardy. It works fine after I remove ubuntu-desktop package.

However, for both my workstation and laptop, after updating all the package, I encouter some packages are being kept from upgrade. I search to the internet, and found that I somehow need to use aptitute. So I type

$sudo aptitude update
$sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

The strange thing was that, I couldn’t use apt-get. I am not sure why. Anyway, that solves my problem. 🙂