Kmail can put signature above reply quotes

I upgraded my OS to Kubuntu Hardy last april, and now I noticed that Kmail can put signature above reply quotes.

To do this, open Kmail/Kontact, and click:

“Setting”->”Configure Kmail”

click on “Composer” on the left menu, and you will see option “Insert signatures above quoted text”. check this option.

Kmail Composer Option to put Signature above quoted text

And you can put your signature in Kmail by choosing “Identities” on the left menu, and click “modify” button on the right.

click “enable Signature” and you can type in your signature there. Pretty easy!


Acessing Exchange 2007 using IMAP from Kmail

My company just migrate to Exchange 2007, and luckily they enable IMAP. To access it, somehow I need to specify the IP address instead of the server name. And it works! I used disconnected IMAP in Kmail. The other parameters are left as default.

For sending, I use smtp, and then in the Security Tab, set the Encryption as “TLS”, and “Authentication method” as LOGIN. I also set the user name and the password.

I managed to send email with this configuration. Wonderful!