Pitogo’s Geekiest » Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and Thunderbird Lightning

I had problem with my office Thunderbird. After I did some update, then my calendar is gone since the lightning add-on is not compatible. I found the solution by following this link:

Pitogo’s Geekiest » Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and Thunderbird Lightning.


2010 Guide for Storage Geeks | Linux Magazine

2010 Gift Guide for Storage Geeks | Linux Magazine.

Fixing touchpad error (running wild) after upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10

I finally managed to fix my Dell laptop’s touchpad after upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10. The mouse went crazy and start to run all over and open windows here and there. hehehe. After trying several solutions, I got it fixed, by enabling the SHMConfig, following this link.

The step is to edit this file:

sudo vi /etc/hal/fdi/policy/shmconfig.fdi

In my case it turns out it has come content already. which is something like this:


All I need to do is to replace the word “True” to “on” following the link above. That seems to solve my problem. If it gets crazy again. I will update this post.

UPDATE: I also disabled the scrolling from “Preferences”->”Mouse”->”Touchpad”, and disabled touchpad when typing. I don’t know whether it affects or not :p

Higher file compression using lzma

I found out that lzma program in linux has a smaller compression size compared to gzip and bzip2. However, the price is compression/decompression time which is longer than gzip and bzip2. For fast compression, gzip is the choice. To run lzma,

$ lzma myfile.tar

and this will change myfile.tar to myfile.tar.lzma

Installing revtex style .sty in Linux Ubuntu

I followed the step in: http://blog.irrepupavel.com/2007/02/installing-latex-style-files-sty-on.html

  1. I unzip the package revtex4.1.zip
  2. And copy the directories one by one to /usr/share/texmf-texlive/, e.g. sudo cp -r source /usr/share/texmf-texlive/
  3. then type: sudo mktexlsr

How to draw ellipse in Gimp

I found the steps from ubuntu forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=771058

1 – Layer > New layer
2 – Make the layer to be the same size as the image and layer fill type to transparency. This should be already selected by default.
3 – On the toolbox select the ellipse select tool and make an ellipse
4 – Use the bucket fill tool to paint the ellipse with your desired color.
5 – Right click on it and go to Select > Shrink…
6 – Type in how many pixels you want the border to be and click ok.
7 – Go to the menu and click Edit > Clear.

Backup zotero library

To backup zotero library:

  1. locate the zotero folder inside the firefox profile, in linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/<randomstring>/zotero
  2. go to the firefox profile folder:  cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/<randomstring>/
  3. archive the zotero folder: tar czvf zotero-backup.tar.gz  zotero
  4. copy zotero-backup.tar.gz to CD or external HD
  5. to restore, simply copy back the folder to the firefox profile folder after installing zotero.