Installing DXfontutils

I am using OpenDx for some of my scientific project, but unfortunately OpenDx is unable to have subscripts in their labels. So I posted the question in the forum, and they are very kind to provide the solution: use DXfontutils.

So I downloaded DXfonts and DVIdx from the download page. If you read the Installation procedure, it is said that we need to have two perl modules, they are Font::TFM, and TeX::DVI::Parse.  The installation is pretty simple and can be read from the package. Besides these two perl modules, it also requires dvicopy. In Kubuntu Hardy, you can get it by installing:

sudo apt-get install texlive-extra-utils

Now we are ready to install. Untar the dvidx package:

tar -zxvf dvidx-03b.tgz

and cd to that directory and type:

sudo ./

Now you need to specify the directory in the script. So go to your dxfontutils/bin directory. Edit dvidx script for this section:


and latex2dx script for this section:

my $latexcmd=’/usr/bin/latex’;

now you can go to examples directory and run

dx -edit

NOTE: My opendx got hangs initially, and I found out that the problem is in the dvidx script, the directory for tfm fonts must be ended with “/” backslash.