How to open terminal from Nautilus

Sometimes it is needed to open a terminal after you are browsing file from GUI (nautilus).  To do that, you can install nautilus-open-terminal : terminal quick launch | Ubuntu Tutorials.  Follow the instruction there, log out, and next time when you want to open the terminal, simply right click on that folder, and “Open Terminal”. Nice.


Pitogo’s Geekiest » Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and Thunderbird Lightning

I had problem with my office Thunderbird. After I did some update, then my calendar is gone since the lightning add-on is not compatible. I found the solution by following this link:

Pitogo’s Geekiest » Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit and Thunderbird Lightning.

Fixed watching flash video in ubuntu 10.10

I had difficulty watching Emmaus video lately, and also video in facebook. It shows only white region and nothing else. Strangely, I can watch youtube as usual. Then I checked my flash whether it’s working. The page from adobe shows I have flash installed. After much searching I suspect that it is because ubuntu use gnash for its flash, and not adobe’s version. I checked I have installed adobe flash, so the next thing I did was to use Adobe’s flash instead of gnash one. To do that, I went to terminal and check the update-alternatives version.

cd /etc/alternatives
ls *flash*

It shows The following files:


So now I run update-alternatives:

sudo update-alternatives --config firefox-flashplugin

And then I chose the adobe version as the default plugin. I did that with the others, but I am not sure whether it is needed. But now it works, I can watch the flash video again

Fixing touchpad error (running wild) after upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10

I finally managed to fix my Dell laptop’s touchpad after upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10. The mouse went crazy and start to run all over and open windows here and there. hehehe. After trying several solutions, I got it fixed, by enabling the SHMConfig, following this link.

The step is to edit this file:

sudo vi /etc/hal/fdi/policy/shmconfig.fdi

In my case it turns out it has come content already. which is something like this:


All I need to do is to replace the word “True” to “on” following the link above. That seems to solve my problem. If it gets crazy again. I will update this post.

UPDATE: I also disabled the scrolling from “Preferences”->”Mouse”->”Touchpad”, and disabled touchpad when typing. I don’t know whether it affects or not :p

nm-applet not shown in panel Ubuntu 10.04

sometimes the nm-applet is not shown up, and hence I couldn’t connect to the wireless. I checked using ps aux command and it is shown that it is running. I found the solution from a forum by restarting the network manager:

sudo restart network-manager

Remote display error in Ubuntu 10.04

When I did a ssh -X to a remote workstation, I can display the GUI, but with some areas are not displayed correctly. It doesn’t seem to refresh. I found the solution from the ubuntu forum by disabling the Visual Effects by going to “preferences/appearence/visual effect” and then select “None”

Changing SU password in Ubuntu

My company has a VPN where you simply need to login to a certain URL, it then ask to download an app to start the VPN. However, the program prompt me to enter the “su” password to install it in my laptop. Ubuntu locked the root password, and for daily operational use, we would use “sudo”. However, this program cannot install unless I provided the su password. To reset the su password, I did the following:

  • Open terminal.
  • Type:
  • sudo passwd root

  • And then reset the root password.
  • After that, I installed the vpn program from the web, and after successfully vpn to my company, I disable the root password again by typing:
  • sudo usermod -p '!' root