Backup zotero library

To backup zotero library:

  1. locate the zotero folder inside the firefox profile, in linux: ~/.mozilla/firefox/<randomstring>/zotero
  2. go to the firefox profile folder:  cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/<randomstring>/
  3. archive the zotero folder: tar czvf zotero-backup.tar.gz  zotero
  4. copy zotero-backup.tar.gz to CD or external HD
  5. to restore, simply copy back the folder to the firefox profile folder after installing zotero.

Zotero styles for Springer Plasmonics Journal

I have just created zotero’s style for Springer Plasmonics Journal. You can download the csl file from:

To install to your zotero: download the csl file, and drag the csl file to Firefox.
UPDATE: I have modified and fixed the style as Adam suggested.